Cancer Detection Just Got Easier: Introducing Galleri

Cancer Detection Just Got Easier: Introducing Galleri

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The future of cancer detection is here.

Concierge Medicine of Cincinnati is proud to announce a partnership with Grail, Inc. to offer members and non-members of our practice the groundbreaking Multi-Cancer Early Detection Blood Test, Galleri. This first-of-its-kind test detects more than 50 types of cancer through a simple blood draw. 

This new multi-cancer early detection blood test, Galleri, is revolutionizing cancer detection. A simple blood draw will provide actionable results, such as possible cancer signals found, where the signal is coming from, and guidance for provider next steps. This test is designed for those with increased risk of cancer development such as a strong family history of cancer or individuals aged 50 and older. Galleri, when used in conjunction with already established preventative screenings, provides improved treatment options and survival outcomes.

Beating cancer starts with knowing you have it. We are excited to offer this testing in conjunction with all Ms.Medicine locations. Be in control of your health and call us today at 513.760.5511 to make an appointment to learn more and determine if the test may be right for you.