Reactive Physical Therapy

A new concept in injury rehabilitation & physical health maintenance

9863 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 | 513 846-8739

Reactive Physical Therapy is an entirely new concept in injury rehabilitation and physical health maintenance. Developed to provide individuals with more focused attention and higher quality treatment, Reactive PT accelerates the return to everyday activities, propels people to peak physical performance and reduces the risk of future injury.

At Reactive Physical Therapy your physical wellbeing is our only priority. We spend one full hour of individualized evaluation and treatment time with each client during every visit. This personalized approach enhances understanding, accelerates recovery and maximizes your physical performance.

Doug Rempe, MPT, M.Ed., AT

Founder & President, Reactive Physical Therapy

“I founded Reactive Physical Therapy to provide an environment that is completely patient focused. There are no patient quotas or insurance limitations. I focus my time, skills and creativity to attain the greatest possible outcomes for the individuals I treat.”

Doug Rempe has over 20 years of clinical physical therapy experience. He holds a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy, a Master’s Degree in Education and is a Licensed Athletic Trainer. In addition, Doug serves as part of the United States Olympics Medical Staff and contributes his expertise to the U.S. Paralympic Track and Field team. He was selected by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) to train U.S. athletes at the Beijing and London Paralympic Games as well as at various national and world Track and Field Championships.

A frequent presenter within his field, Doug shares his expertise at medical and sports performance conferences across the country. He has presented at the National Athletic Trainers Association Convention and the U.S. Paralympic Symposium where he shared perspectives on the biomechanics of amputee sprinters and their gait compensations. Locally, Doug lectures in Sports Medicine Classes at Miami University and Xavier University.