Why WEIGHT? 4 Benefits of Joining Ms.Medicine’s Reduction of Weight Program

Why WEIGHT? 4 Benefits of Joining Ms.Medicine’s Reduction of Weight Program

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Now accepting program participants at Concierge Medicine of Cincinnati.

Did you know that losing even a modest 5 to 10% of total weight loss can improve overall health and decreases your risk of illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers?

Weight loss can improve your good cholesterol, keep triglycerides in check, ease high blood pressure, improve sleep, and reverse insulin resistance. Individuals who maintain significant weight loss are shown to have better overall health, energy levels, physical mobility, mood, and confidence.

Reaching and maintaining a healthier weight can be a struggle. Ms.Medicine’s Reduction of Weight (ROW) Program works to alleviate barriers to success and support committed participants. The ROW Program is a medically supervised, 16-week personalized weight loss program that aims to reinvigorate a lifelong wellness journey.

As chronic diseases, the treatment of overweight and obesity often requires combination therapy. The ROW Program offers combination therapy including structured meal plans, movement prescription, nutrition education, medication options, and more!

Learn more about some of the top benefits when joining the ROW Program:

  1. Customization

    One size does not fit all, nor should it. In collaboration with a health professional, program participants discuss their personal health histories, goals, and relationships with food and fitness, and form a custom-to-you plan. The ROW Program offers diverse strategic planning based on what you know about yourself. From meal planning strategies to medication optimization and routine check-ins, the ROW program offers a tailored care plan to meet each participant’s unique needs.
  2. Structure

    Establishing a routine with structured planning supports faster and sustainable weight management. Teaching behavioral modification techniques, our healthcare professionals work with each participant to rewire executive function in the brain.

    Executive function is a set of mental skills that includes flexible thinking and self-control that we use every day to learn, work, and exhibit self-control. The weight loss plans take into consideration thought patterns and imprinted relationships with food. Instead of reverting back to habitual behavior, routine and structure makes choosing a healthier snack or adhering to daily movement goals easy and desirable.

    Studies show that participants that track food are more likely to be successful in losing weight. Enrollment into the ROW Program comes with a 1-year subscription to a weight loss app to monitor dietary intake, activity, and sleep. The app provides learning opportunities and serves as a direct messaging platform with your ROW healthcare provider throughout the program.
  3. Accountability & Support

    Routine one-on-one check-ins in-person and virtually are designed to maintain focus and drive motivation. Private weigh-ins are available at the office and virtually through the app for participants that benefit from ongoing accountability. Flat lining on the scale? Our program offers flexibility with weight-related office visits at no additional charge.

    Social support has also been found as a key contributor to getting and keeping the pounds off. With ROW’s dietitian-led virtual group sessions, you will join a community of peers with similar goals and weight loss journey experiences. Each session includes a topic for discussion followed by a time for open conversation to share successes, challenges, and pearls for staying on track.
  4. Sustainability

    Have a history of scale instability? Treating excess weight is more than getting to goal. It is sustaining a healthy weight while balancing everyday life. Our providers understand that obesity is a disease that requires lifelong treatment. From long-term medication management to lifestyle approaches, Ms.Medicine’s board-certified healthcare professionals provide lifelong sustainability and wellness planning.

    Upon completion of the 16-weeks, a ROW extension plan and practice memberships are available to continue to receive the high-quality healthcare that you deserve. Love your current primary care provider? Our staff will work to coordinate care with your current healthcare team.Interested in ROWing? Enroll in the Ms.Medicine ROW Program at Concierge Medicine of Cincinnati today! Complete an interest form here or contact the office at 513.760.5511 to schedule an appointment.