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At Concierge Medicine of Cincinnati we provide exceptional customized Primary Care and Women’s Health Services.

Invest In Your Health

That’s Exceptional, Personalized, Evidence-Based, Sex Specific, And Age-Specific Healthcare.

At Concierge Medicine of Cincinnati you experience:

  • Highly personalized care specific to you and your unique needs.
  • Staffed by exceptional primary care providers providing an unsurpassed level of cared.
  • With membership, you experience unrestricted access to your physician and support by our entire staff.
  • Working together to keep you healthy, whole, and living your best you.

Practice Offerings

Our team of trained Primary Care and Internal Medicine Providers are dedicated to providing complete comprehensive longitudinal care for men and women from late adolescence through senior, including wellness and prevention, diagnosis and treatment of urgent health needs, and managing complex and ongoing medical conditions.

We’ll customize your healthcare to your unique needs. Discover the offering that’s right for you.

Concierge Primary Care Membership

  • Discover the rare combination of time and attention to provide unsurpassed personalized medical care and attention with your physician.
  • Experience the closest and most connected relationship with your provider, which grows stronger with time.
  • Includes Women’s Health Care member for superior and specialized care.
  • 24/7 care that’s always there and always available.


Priority appointments and scheduling | Care by your preferred personal physician | 24/7 cell phone and email access to your provider | Unlimited healthcare navigation services. | Virtual visits when medically appropriate. | Urgent/sick Office Visits guaranteed within 24 hours with your provider. | Access to your digital medical records. | As usual, laboratory testing, imaging, specialist referrals, and hospital services billed to your insurance.

Annual Cost: $2,750 - $3,750 per person, depending on the provider.

Additional Costs: No additional co-pays, Home visits are $225-$300 (depending on location and duration.)

Direct Primary Care Membership

  • Are you in relatively good health, and don’t need to see your physician often, but still seeking an exceptional, more personalized healthcare experience?
  • Our Direct Primary Care service provides individualized, high-touch, and expert care with a nurse practitioner or physicians assistant.
Additional Costs:

One-hour physical exam: $100. Follow-up and sick office or virtual visits, $50. Home visits: $225–$300 (depending on location and duration).


Guaranteed access to practice provider. | Option to select a preferred provider for priority access. | Urgent visits within 24 hours guaranteed | Access to your digital medical records. | After-hours and weekend coverage by on-call practice provider | Laboratory testing, imaging, specialist referrals, and hospital services billed to your insurance as usual—or—option for direct bill in-office lab testing when available at a significantly reduced rate

DPC Fees reflect the different healthcare needs as we age.

Age 65 and older: $90/month or $1,080 annually.

Ages 45 – 64: $70/month or $840 annually.

Age 44 and under $50/month or $600 annually.

Age 16-30: $40/month or $480 annually.

Telehealth Direct Primary Care Membership

  • We believe that location should not be a barrier to care.
  • If you are between 16-30 and in reasonably good health. Our virtual care plans provide quality, personalized care from the comfort of your home.
  • Your membership guarantees you receive the primary care you need when you need it.

We offer a limited number of Telehealth Membership Plans for many young and healthy patients who do not need to be seen in the office regularly.

How Does It Work:

Similar to our other membership models, patients pay a membership annual fee, which includes one in-person annual exam/physical, plus access to our providers via telehealth for other needs throughout the year.


$400 annually, including one in-office exam/physical (required) valued at $90, plus access to our providers via telehealth throughout the year. Regular visit fees are $50 or $90 per in-office and $50 per telehealth visit.


Patients from 16 – 30 years old, our team will work with you to determine if you’re a good candidate.


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Our team of certified Women’s Health providers will help you navigate and manage your unique health care needs.

Women's Health Direct Care

  • Women's Health Direct Care: A Better Model for Women's Health Care!
  • Concierge Medicine of Cincinnati is proud to be the FIRST practice in Cincinnati to offer Comprehensive Women's Health Care in a direct Care Model!  With advanced training in Women’s Health, we provide personalized care for adolescent gynecology, contraceptive management, midlife women and beyond, including menopause management, breast cancer risk assessment and management, routine gynecology, and sexual health.


Direct Care Fees reflect the different healthcare needs as we age.

Age 65 and older: $90/month or $1,080 annually.

Ages 45 – 64: $70/month or $840 annually.

Age 44 and under $50/month or $600 annually.

Age 16-30: $40/month or $480 annually.

The CMOC WH Direct Care Model offers:

•      Same Day Access in a comfortable, private office designed to meet the needs of women

•      Transparent, affordable pricing

•      Comprehensive Evidence-Based Women’s Health Care. We are unique –we are not a hormone center or a medispa.

Our Direct Care services include:

PAP’s, contraceptive counseling and management, adolescent gynecology (first exam), precollege gynecology visit and counseling, STI prevention counseling, STI treatment, premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), perimenopause and menopause management, evaluation and management of irregular bleeding, sexual health care (low libido and sexual pain), incontinence, endometriosis, PCOS, migraine management, breast cancer risk assessment and prevention, hereditary cancer genetics, and weight management/obesity medicine.

In-office procedures include: IUD placement/removal, vulvar biopsies, endometrial biopsies, Nexplanon

Women's Health Care Consult (Menopause and Perimenopause Consultation)

We collaborate with a patient’s primary care physician to help manage menopause symptoms with safe, hormonal, and non-hormonal options based on scientific evidence. This one-hour consultation includes a comprehensive health assessment, a personalized menopause management plan, evidence-based treatment recommendations, and a written report summarizing the results.

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Adolescent/Young Adult Gynecology

Young adult gynecology is a crucial aspect of healthcare that often goes overlooked, yet it lays the foundation for long-term well-being in women. Spearheaded by Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, Jennifer Battaglia, this service aims to address the unique reproductive and sexual health needs of young adults. Early intervention and education in this stage can prevent a host of issues, from sexually transmitted infections to unplanned pregnancies and menstrual disorders. Jennifer's expertise ensures a compassionate and confidential environment where young women can openly discuss their concerns, receive appropriate screenings, and learn about contraceptive options. By prioritizing young adult gynecology, we empower women to take control of their health from an early age, setting the stage for a healthier future.

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In Person Direct Primary Care Consults

Medical Consults

Our providers offer specialty medical consultations for specific concerns (i.e., second opinion, treatment review, connection to out-of-state providers/health facilities, etc.). If you wish to make a Medical Consult appointment, please contact our office at 513.760.5511.

Travel Care

Traveling abroad and unsure of what vaccinations are needed? We offer consultations to determine what vaccines are needed and can administer vaccines. If you wish to make a Travel Consult appointment, please contact our office at 513.760.5511.

Urgent Care

If you’re having an urgent, non-life threatening health matter, schedule an Urgent Care Visit with us at 513.760.5511.

Telehealth Consults

We also offer individual virtual Health Consults, including urgent care, second opinions, travel care, women’s health consults, cancer survivorship, menopause, perimenopause, etc. Available in all states Dr. Larkin is licensed to practice in: OH, MI, FL, KY, VA, CO, TN, and IL. If you wish to make a Telehealth Consult appointment, please contact our office at 513.760.5511.

Other services

Cancer Detection
A New Era of Cancer Detection
  • Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, and despite the available preventative screening tools, a vast majority of cancers are found too late. The most critical cancer is the one you or your loved one may have and beating it starts with knowing you have it. This test detects more than 50 types, many of which are not commonly screened for today, including more aggressive cancer like ovarian and pancreatic cancer.

Interested? Schedule a consultation at  513.760.5511

Medically Supervised Weight Loss
Gain a Healthier Life
  • Losing 5-10% of your total weight can improve overall health and decrease your risk of illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. Our medical providers will work with you to create a personalized weight loss program accomplished with the guidance of a medical professional. You will customize a weight loss plan that could include meals, medication options, and integrated care.

Interested? Schedule a consultation at 513.760.5511

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional insurance-based primary care doctors only allow patients an average of seven minutes of face time with them. Our annual membership approach allows unrestricted access to your physician, a high standard of care, and peace of mind knowing your healthcare provider has your best interest at heart. And a medical home where everyone knows your name. We provide two primary membership models, Concierge Medicine, and Direct Primary Care, so you can choose what works best for you, and we can tailor the treatment plan to your individual needs and help achieve your health goals.

Are you seeking the highest level of service that only the closest and most connected relationship with your provider can offer?  Our 24/7 Concierge Care membership model provides the time and attention explicitly designed for you.

Are you in relatively good health, who don’t need to see your physician often, but still seeking a more personalized, timely, and affordable healthcare experience? Look no further! Our Direct Primary Care membership provides individualized, high-touch, and expert care for all your health needs in a comprehensive home where everyone knows your name.

Patients pay a fee directly to Concierge Medicine of Cincinnati to be practice members. For Concierge Care members, all visits are included in your annual fee. For DPC members, office visits are billed directly to the patient at a reasonable cost. A DPC patient's annual amount is equivalent to or less than what you might pay out-of-pocket under a typical health insurance, fee-for-service model.

The models benefit both patients and physicians. Because we are not tied to the fee-for-service model (which requires us to see a high volume of patients daily), our providers can spend more individual time with each patient. The practice accepts fewer patients so our providers can develop stronger relationships with patients, allowing for a more comprehensive, personalized approach. Patients can see their physician, or one in practice, the same day an urgent appointment is needed. Typically patients in a DPC or a Concierge practice have better health outcomes and are more satisfied.

The bottom line is that by offering DPC and Concierge models (and eliminating the fee-for-service model), we increase our time together because we can see fewer patients daily. We can provide more outstanding personalized care, serve as your advocate, and decrease healthcare costs overall.

Direct Primary Care and Concierge Care are alternative payment models to insurance, so our office does not file insurance claims for you. You may be able to submit claims to your insurance directly for some visits if your insurance plan offers out-of-network benefits. If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA), you may be able to submit invoices for HSA reimbursement.

All of our providers are considered non-participating providers of Medicare. However, our providers can refer to specialists, hospitals, and imaging facilities. If a patient has a managed care plan or Medicare, those visits, hospital stays, and your insurance typically covers imaging.

Email and cell phone access are available through our Concierge Care plan, as concierge patients pay a premium price for direct access. DPC members have access to the practice during and after office hours through our on-call provider.

Yes, if you have been a patient in the Greater Cincinnati area, we can access your medical records through EPIC, our online electronic medical records system. You can access MyChart, your records in a secure, online environment through EPIC.

One-hour physical exams with your preferred provider cost $90. Sick or follow-up visits (with your provider if available; with another practice provider guaranteed) cost $50. Nurse visits (when appropriate) cost $20.

No. Direct primary care means you have a direct financial relationship with the practice, so membership fees are not eligible for insurance reimbursement. You can use your HSA or FSA for visit-related fees, such as an office visit or blood work.

No. It is currently not deductible at this time. However, there continues to be a push nationally and at the state government level to allow for tax deductions for Direct Primary Care fees.

You have several options:

  1. We can direct you to an outside lab, and charges can be billed to your insurance.
  2. If appropriate, we can draw labs in the office and send them to the lab to bill your insurance.
  3. We can draw the labs in the office and bill the patient directly at a discounted price if appropriate.

Yes. We strongly recommend you carry health insurance to help with costs for services not associated with the practice. The most cost-effective insurance plan to pair with a Direct Primary Care practice is a high deductible / HSA plan.

We can coordinate your visit with a specialist in your insurance network, and they will bill your insurance.

A little, but without the higher costs. We provide concierge-level care at a practice level to all our patients, regardless of income. We are also different because neither the practice nor the patient is burdened by insurance. Many “boutique” practices charge significantly higher fees, from $3,000 to over $10,000, and still bill insurance at the much higher contracted rates. The patient is still subject to visit restrictions, insurance denials, high deductible charges, etc.

No. Visit fees are standardized, and the patient is notified in advance of the price for that service. Because we are not part of a hospital system and are not subject to contracted rates with insurance companies, our .services are offered at significantly reduced costs.

We think of "virtual visits" as a supplement to good primary care—not a replacement for in-person care. The office can offer these visits in some circumstances when appropriate. Patients who would like to request a visit should contact the office for prior approval. In cases where a physical exam is necessary, we reserve the right to recommend a traditional clinic visit.

Not currently in the state of Ohio or at a Federal level. Currently, on a Federal level, a patient with a high deductible plan paired with a Direct Primary Care membership has met all qualifications for the insurance requirement of the Affordable Care Act. However, many states are beginning to research and pass legislation at the state level to allow DPC membership to meet the insurance requirement. Although Ohio is not there yet.

Our practice works with a third party, VaxCare, to offer routine vaccines to patients that your insurance may cover. The office staff will verify your insurance benefits before administering any vaccine, so you know of out-of-pocket expenses.  We can also offer cash pricing for those individuals without insurance coverage.

Patients can cancel their membership at any time, after their initial six-month term, by providing the office with a 30-day written cancellation notice.  Any fees for that month will be pro-rated to the respective date.

Yes. Our practice has a limited capacity for patients, but if available, a patient may rejoin if available.

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